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Mums Review the Edwards & Co. Olive Stroller

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TMB Roadtesters try the Edwards & Co. Olive Stroller

Navigating the world with little ones in tow requires a reliable and efficient stroller that can keep up with the demands of a growing family. The Edwards & Co Olive Stroller is a versatile and innovative solution designed to make life on the go smoother for parents. In this roadtester, we follow the experiences of two mums, Tara and Steph, as they put the Olive Stroller through its paces.

Product Overview: The Edwards & Co Olive Stroller is designed with both functionality and style in mind. Boasting an easy-to-use design, this stroller aims to simplify the lives of parents with features like a memory adapter system, effortless seat reclining, and a seamless folding/unfolding mechanism. One standout feature is the option to add a second seat, ensuring the stroller grows seamlessly with the family.

Benefits of the Edwards & Co Olive Stroller:

  1. Ease of Assembly: Tara notes that the stroller is incredibly easy to assemble, with all parts clicking seamlessly into place.
  2. User-Friendly Design: The stroller’s functions, including seat reclining and folding/unfolding, are simple to use, making it a hassle-free experience for parents like Steph.
  3. Memory Adapter System: Tara praises the innovative memory adapter system, which allows for the effortless removal and repositioning of the seat with just one hand.
  4. Versatility for Growing Families: The ability to add a second seat stands out as a major plus for Tara, highlighting the Olive Stroller’s capability to adapt and grow with a family.

Read on or watch the video below to find out what Tara and Steph thought about this product.

From Tara’s Review:

Tara found joy in the simplicity of assembling the Edwards & Co Olive Stroller, stating, “it was incredibly easy to put together with all of the parts clicking straight into place.” She further appreciated the user-friendly functions, saying, “The functions of the stroller are simple to use like reclining the seat and folding/unfolding the stroller.” Tara also commended the memory adapter system, noting, “It makes it super easy to remove the seat and change it from front to rear facing using just one hand!” The prospect of accommodating a growing family with the addition of a second seat added to the stroller’s appeal, with Tara expressing, “Olive will be able to grow with our family.

TMB Roadtester Tara

From Steph’s Review:

Steph raved about the stroller’s smooth ride, emphasising, “What a dream ride! This pram is so smooth to push, it feels like you are pushing one baby not two, which as a twin mum is amazing.” The thoughtful design of the Olive Stroller was evident in its weight distribution, as Steph noted, “Due to the compact nature of the seats layout, the weight distribution is completely centralised and it doesn’t feel large or cumbersome like double prams can often feel.” Even on challenging terrains, the stroller impressed Steph: “I was even surprised how easy it was to push uphill!” Steph also appreciated the user-friendly features, stating, “When it comes to buckles and buttons on this pram, everything is so user-friendly. The five-point harness straps all click in individually which I love. It makes strapping a wriggly baby in so much easier!

TMB Roadtester Steph

In conclusion, the Edwards & Co Olive Stroller emerges as a game-changer for mums like Tara and Steph, offering not only practical design features but also a smooth and enjoyable ride for both parents and their little ones.

Disclaimer: The mention of specific brands and products, such as the Edwards & Co Olive stroller, is for informational purposes only. The reviews provided by Tara and Steph reflect their personal experiences, and individual results may vary. Parents are encouraged to explore various options and consult with experts or authorised retailers for personalised advice.

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