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Little Bellies

Do what’s natural!
We believe nurturing comes naturally, so we simply provide good foods that parents trust throughout their child’s natural development.
From pram to playground, our certified organic ranges are designed to support every step of natural child development, helping you as you nurture independent and unique little people.
We do what’s natural, so you can do what’s natural, so they can do what’s natural. Because if they’re happy, then you’re happy, then we’re happy.

Our Baby Bellies range is for babies from 7+ months (Tasty Textures) and 10+ months (More to Explore). Our products in this range are perfect for tiny tastebuds at the early stages of a life-long food discovery journey. Babies’ palates are clean slates, so like you, we think it’s important that we help to start things off on the right track by not using strong flavours or unnecessary ingredients. Our products in this range are simple, subtle and introduce new texture experiences.

Our Little Bellies range is for toddlers aged 12 months (Toddlers in Training range) and includes snacks with more adventurous textures, shapes and flavours. As babies’ transition into toddlerhood, our aim is to continue to provide new snacks and meals without unnecessary sugars, salt or additives. Where possible, we follow the philosophy of our Baby Bellies products, where we don’t include any added sugar or salt at all.

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