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BrandProduct NameImageRRPStar RatingNumber of ReviewsReview Example
ChildcareChildcare Grange DL CotChildcare Grange DL Cot$379.994.910"i have had this cot since my son was out of an infants cot this brand is great its a nice vibrant white and easy to clean if there is any need to..."
BooriBoori Classic Cot BedBoori Classic Cot Bed$699.994.718"Boori may be the more expensive way to go when it comes to cots but they are definitely more sturdy and of higher quality..."
BooriBoori Pioneer Cot BedBoori Pioneer Cot Bed$679.954.610"We are happy with our purchase of a Boori cot. We have found it safe and sturdy and the mattress that came with it fits nice and snug..."
BooriBoori Classic Royale Cot BedBoori Classic Royale Cot Bed$8994.53"Bought this for my son and we couldn't have been happier, used it for 2 years then turned it into a toddler bed and he is still using it. Great craftsmanship, beautiful, classical and sturdy an awesome piece..."
BooriBoori Urbane Noosa Cot BedBoori Urbane Noosa Cot Bed$449.954.51"I bought this as part of a set with a bassinet and change table, and love the sturdiness of it. After putting it together - very easy with the instructions - we realised that there wasn't a weight limit on it like the bassinet..."
TrollTroll Sun CotTroll Sun Cot$639.954.36"I love my daughters cot!, I have this in white and it is Beautiful! Easy to put together, easy to lower when needed, mattress fits perfectly and is great thickness and quality..."
BooriBoori Casa Cot BedBoori Casa Cot Bed$699.994.33"I love this cot. We have used it since our son was 2 months old. It's very sturdy and does take up some room but it has a really nice design..."
BooriBoori Dawn Expandable™ Cot BedBoori Dawn Expandable™ Cot Bed$999.994.53"You can't go wrong with boori and this is no exception. It's stylish and funky and practical. It's a great size and looks good anywhere. It's reasonable in price and is worth every penny"
BooriBoori Perla Cot BedBoori Perla Cot Bed$799.95---
LeanderLeander CotLeander Cot$1,399.994.65"I chose the leander cot for my son and its by far one of the best decisions i've made! I love the design, i love the oval shape, i love the quality. The colour fits in perfectly with our newly renovated and modern house..."

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About cots

When it’s time to set up a nursery one of the first things people think of is the cot. What most new parents don’t realise is there is quite a bit of variety when it comes to cots.

Where will your baby sleep?

Red Nose Australia (formerly known as Sids and Kids) recommends that babies room share with their parents for at least the first six to 12 months. If you’re wanting your baby to sleep in your room initially, the first thing to look at is what size infant sleep space will actually fit in your room, as many bedrooms won’t fit a full sized cot beside the adult bed.

This is where a bassinet comes in handy, because they’re smaller and can fit into most bedrooms. Another option to help squeeze a cot into a smaller space is opting for a “sidecar” style of cot or bassinet. They’re designed to be pressed right up against the adult bed, which also makes checking on and feeding your baby a little more convenient through the night.

Convertible cots

Many cots can easily convert from a regular sized cot to a toddler bed by removing one or more of the cot walls so your toddler can get in and out of their bed themselves. One reason parents transfer their child from a cot to a toddler bed is because their child is starting to try to climb over the edge of the cot. This is obviously quite dangerous, so having the option to just take away the edge – and taking away that risk – is extremely helpful.

There are also some convertible cots that start off bassinet sized, then with some adjustments, and a larger mattress, they grow to the size of a regular cot. From there they become a toddler bed. Some of them can even continue their life cycle as a daybed or couch so they can be used even once your bub is in a regular bed.

Cot sizes

There are two basic sizes for cots.  The standard is a 60cm x 120cm cot – this is the size that the vast majority of cot mattresses, sheets and other bedding are designed to fit. You can also get a larger cot, called a Boori Large Cot – they are 77cm x 133cm, so they are notably larger in size.

Getting a larger cot can be an advantage if you’re planning to use the cot as a toddler bed later one. That extra large space means you’ll have a bit more time before needing to upgrade to a regular bed for your child. One downside is you’ll have less variety in sheets and bedding, and also because it’s a specialised size the bedding you buy for it will likely be more expensive.

Cot safety

The Red Nose website is a great resource for information for safely setting up your baby’s sleep space and advice on how and where your baby should sleep. It’s well worth familiarising yourself with the latest information and recommendations for SID safety.

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