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BrandProduct NameImageRRPStar RatingNumber of ReviewsReview Example
HuggiesHuggies Ultimate Nappy PantsHuggies Ultimate Nappy Pants$334.513"I like them because you can just slip them on while they are standing because trying to put a nappy on a toddler is rough they don’t lay still for more than 2 seconds..."
HuggiesHuggies Ultra-Dry® Nappy PantsHuggies Ultra-Dry® Nappy Pants$174.448"These are simple to pull over and out from your wriggly toddler without causing any skin rashes or irritation..."
HuggiesHuggies Ultra Dry NappiesHuggies Ultra Dry Nappies$26.954.4187"Best nappies I have even used with not a single leak in his two years of life."
HuggiesHuggies Ultimate® NappiesHuggies Ultimate® Nappies$334.435" The nappies hug their bottoms and we rarely have any leakages. These are our favourite brand of nappies."
HuggiesHuggies Little SwimmersHuggies Little Swimmers$14.994.475"We recently started taking our baby swimming and these nappies are perfect..."
BabyLoveBabyLove Nappy PantsBabyLove Nappy Pants$174.352"We have been using them for about a month every night and had no leaks at all either. So easy to put on especially when they don’t stay still!"
MamiaMamia Supafit Nappy PantsMamia Supafit Nappy Pants$10.994.110"A lot more room in them so much comfier for my daughter especially as they get so full overnight..."
BabyLoveBabyLove CosiFit NappiesBabyLove CosiFit Nappies$9.993.9123"Have never had a leakage with this nappy and we go 13 hours overnight with it..."
Tooshies by TOMTooshies by TOM Eco NappiesTooshies by TOM Eco Nappies$153.720"We have been using the Tooshies by TOM in the Crawler size for just under a month and have been most impressed with their performance..."
MamiaMamia Supafit NappiesMamia Supafit Nappies$10.993.752" They always keep my kids dry until morning and the only times I've had a leak are when they're about ready to move up into the next size..."

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Choosing the Best Nappies

When it comes to nappies it’s not just a matter of deciding whether you’re going to use disposable nappies or cloth nappies – there is so much variety. There are so many different types and brands to choose from.

Disposable Nappies

Regular Disposable Nappies

There are so many different brands of nappies to choose from, it can be completely overwhelming for new parents. It’s worth trying out a few different nappies to see what works best for your baby – and your budget. Because every baby’s body is different, and just like clothes, some things fit better than others.

Pull Up Nappies

Pull up nappies or nappy pants come in a range of sizes and absorbency depending on what you’re buying them for. You can get pull up nappies for babies and young toddlers quick and easy nappy changes.

There are also nappy pants designed for toilet training and are supposed to feel and work more like underpants, but will help keep them dry if they do have little accidents.

Also, there are also night time nappy pants for older children.

Swim Nappies

Swim nappies don’t really absorb moisture, but they will catch solids so that your baby doesn’t make a mess of their swimmers, or the local pool! In fact, most public pools require all infants or children who are not toilet trained to wear swim nappies at all times. So just be aware of that before you take your baby to the pool.

Eco Friendly Disposables

Eco friendly disposables are a great alternative to regular disposables as they are more biodegradable than regular disposable nappies. There are even compostable disposable nappies available.

Cloth Nappies

Terry Towels Nappies

Cloth nappies have come a long way since the simple terry towels, pins and pilchers – though there’s also nothing wrong with going the old fashion route!  Many of us were in terry towel nappies as babies ourselves, so potentially the best source of information for how these work are your own parents! Though just because they’re old-fashioned doesn’t mean they’re completely outdated. Terry towels are the cheapest, and quickest to wash and dry option of all the cloth nappies.

Modern Cloth Nappies

All in one/All in two

The most common type of Modern Cloth Nappies (often referred to as MCNs) is “All In One” nappies that look very similar to a disposable nappy. Basically, they have a waterproof shell, a moisture-wicking layer against your baby’s skin and absorbent material in between.

Some have inserts that can be added and removed for additional absorbency, and also to make washing and drying quicker. These can be called “All in twos”.

Fitted nappies and covers

The other main type of MCNs are fitted nappies with covers. There are very similar in appearance to the All in one style nappies, except they don’t have a waterproof layer attached, so you need a separate cover. Washing and drying is a bit quicker and easier without the waterproof shell, though you lose the convenience of having a complete nappy.

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you what nappies suit your family, your budget, your lifestyle and your baby best.

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