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In this Pregnancy Tests comparison, you can find out what the Tell Me Baby community thinks are the top Pregnancy Tests on the market.

Pregnancy Tests Chart

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BrandProduct NameImageRRPStar RatingNumber of ReviewsReview Example
First ResponseFirst Response Early Result In-Stream Pregnancy TestFirst Response Early Result In-Stream Pregnancy Test$8.394.797"I find this product very easy to use. I like that you can just use it midstream, and that you don't need to worry about peeing in a cup..."
ClearblueClearblue Digital Pregnancy TestClearblue Digital Pregnancy Test$22.994.363"This was so easy to use and I loved that it told you how many weeks you were!"
PregnosisPregnosis In-Stream Early Pregnancy TestPregnosis In-Stream Early Pregnancy Test$15.954.312"I found it easy to use and the response was almost instant, which was fabulous as i didn't have to sit anxiously waiting for a result."
ClearblueClearblue Plus Pregnancy TestClearblue Plus Pregnancy Test$19.99422"The test was accurate with how many weeks pregnant I was when tested. I would recommend this product to everyone."

How to Choose Pregnancy Tests

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Choosing the right Pregnancy Test

When you’re trying to conceive, waiting to find out if you’re pregnant can be a time of joy and, sometimes, stress.

So, when it comes to choosing the right pregnancy test, there are a few things to consider:

  • Accuracy/Reliability
  • Price
  • Type

There are many pregnancy tests on the market now that promise reliability of a result very early – for some, it’s even days before your period is due.

Digital pregnancy tests display the result on a small screen – eliminating the anxiety of reading for two lines.

Some tests require the collection of urine and to dip the test into whereas others are ‘in-stream’ tests.

The waiting time for the result can vary – with some pregnancy tests promising to reveal the result in just a minute!

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