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7 best maternity pads

best maternity pads

Welcoming a new life into the world is an exciting and emotional time. And while you are engrossed in the first precious moments and weeks, the last thing you want to be worried about is bleeding and leakage. 

Maternity pads are a must for every new mum, but with so many different options it’s hard to know where to start. Comfort, fit, absorbency, wings, no wings, disposable pant options and cost are all factors to consider. To help pick the right product for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven products and their features.

1. Libra Maternity Pads

Libra Maternity Pads are known for being super soft thanks to the top sheet of the pad being enriched with aloe vera. The pad’s BodyFit® shape ensures a snug fit, with the wings keeping the pad in place for maximum security and comfort. A well-known and well-loved brand, the quality of these pads is evident with many of our mums choosing these pads when they have their second child. Each pack comes with 10 pads and costs $5.96.

Libra Maternity Pads with Wings 10 Pack

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2. U by Kotex Maternity Pads

Specifically designed for heavy flows, TMB mums rate the U by Kotex Maternity Pads as a light and comfortable option post birth. These pads don’t have wings and are covered in a cottony-soft cover for comfort. They are a discreet, non-bulky option that’s very absorbent. Each pack comes with 10 pads and is $4.99.

U By Kotex Maternity Pads No Wings 10 Pack

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3. Depend Real-Fit Regular Underwear for Women

If you’re looking for a disposable pant as opposed to a pad post-birth, Depend Real-Fit Regular Underwear are a great option. Designed to feel like your real underwear, they are soft, discreet and breathable. Coming in a range of sizes, TMB mums rate this underwear as super comfortable, and great if you are experiencing heavy bleeding post birth and worried about leakage with pads. They come in a nude colour, and are sold in packs and cases, with an 8 pack priced at $12.99.

Large Depend® Real-Fit Super Underwear for Women 8-pants Pack

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4. Tom Organic Maternity Pads

If you are looking for a maternity pad with no hidden nasties, Tom Organic Maternity Pads could be a great option for you. The pads are designed with wingless, elasticised technology to help avoid leakage while still fitting comfortably. They have a 100% organic cotton core and top sheet. TMB mums love these pads for their comfort, with many of our reviews noting that they are thick enough for peace of mind but are made from extremely soft cotton. A 12 pack costs $8.95.

Pack of TOM Organic Maternity Pads

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5. Stayfree Maternity Pads

Stayfree Maternity Pads utilise something Stayfree calls a “Total Care System”, which comprises of a very soft cover, fast absorbing core and an extra-long pad, with a wide adhesive strip designed to ensure that the pad stays in place and give you peace of mind. They also include a unique cover to draw excess humidity away from the skin. Our mums like these pads because they are super soft and breathable. A pack of 10 costs $4.99.  

Stayfree Maternity Pads 10 Pack

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6. Cottons Maternity Pads

Cottons Maternity Pads are highly effective, made from a naturally hypo-allergenic, absorbent 100% natural cotton coversheet. Suitable for heavy flow, they have wings to secure them in place. Some reviewers noted that these feel a little bulky, but if you have sensitive skin or allergies and need a very absorbent pad, Cottons could be a great option for you. A 10 pack costs $5.79.

Cottons Maternity Pads 10 Pack with Wings

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7. New Beginnings Bamboo Maternity Pads

Made with a bamboo inner core for comfort, and an absorbent hexagonal weave, New Beginnings Bamboo Maternity Pads are silky soft, with an ultra slim design. The bamboo core is designed to be breathable and thermoregulate. These pads are wing-free, with a generous sizing. A 12 pack will cost you $6.95.  

Pack of 12 New Beginnings Bamboo Maternity Pads

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