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  • Minbie Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump
  • Minbie Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump

    based on 28 reviews

    The ultimate companion on your breastfeeding journey.

    Our all-in-one pump has been designed to provide the most comfort, power, and portability to support a nurturing breastfeeding relationship between you and your little one.

    Hospital grade suction helps you express more milk in less time, while the soft silicone cups protect your tender skin.

    Unlike other pumps that keep you tethered to the wall, our rechargeable lithium battery means your pump goes where you do.

    Pumping in the middle of the night? A backlit display and ultra-quiet motor won’t disturb those slumbering nearby.

    Complete with stimulation and expression modes, five adjustable pace settings, and twelve adjustable power levels, the Minbie Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump was created to provide power and peace of mind.

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    based on 28 reviews

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    Jess Tyler
    November 16, 2022
    Jess Tyler
    Money makers

    Overall, this pump is not bad. However what is frustrating is the money that Minbie make off all the replacement parts. Unfortunately our valves only lasted 2-3 weeks before the silicone tore, leaving me wondering why my… Read more

    Lily Zou
    June 25, 2022
    Lily Zou
    Good for busy parents

    This pump is great for busy parents who do not want to waste too much time on pumping milk on the single side. The pump works so effectively that I feel that not a single drop of… Read more

    Amanda Le
    June 21, 2022
    Amanda Le
    Fuss free

    I never knew about the brand minbie, but when I tried their steriliser and had a good experience I thought I'd try the pump as well. It was a very similar experience as when I was in… Read more

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