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  • Safety 1st Shell Nightlight
  • Safety 1st Shell Nightlight

    based on 36 reviews

    This Shell Nightlight provides a soft-glowing light to allow parents to easily check on baby at night without waking them with a full strength light source.

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    based on 36 reviews

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    Sarah Lysaght
    December 31, 2023
    Sarah Lysaght

    We have been using this night light in our bathroom, so when our little ones have to get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet, they can see enough and don’t need to… Read more

    Jessica Pay
    August 17, 2021
    Jessica Pay
    Very helpful

    I was gifted this night light, something I wouldn’t have thought of buying myself. Very handy for night feeds or nappy changes to keep the room still dark but enough light to help see what you’re doing.… Read more

    Sakinah Altunel
    January 8, 2021
    Sakinah Altunel
    Handy night light

    RO: Not too bright, good for sleeping but at the same time you can still see what you are doing while breastfeeding. (After a few days of getting use to the brightness). Saves energy thanks to LED… Read more

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