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“It’s a trash bag!” 5 things to make your baby laugh

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There is no better sound than that of your baby laughing. The first time you hear it is a moment that you’ll never forget. In fact when it does happen, you will just want it to go on forever. My daughter would always laugh hysterically whenever I put clean pillowslips on the pillows. Naturally, after that, I had to change the pillowslips on a much more regular basis.

But when does this wondrous milestone actually happen? And what can you do to keep it going?

When do babies laugh?

Babies are all different, but generally will start to laugh around three to six months of age. Babies have not yet developed a sense of humour so will laugh because of a physical arousal such as bouncing on your knee – or in my case, struggling to get the pillows in the pillow slips. It might also occur as your baby starts to imitate your facial expressions. Whenever it happens, you won’t want it t stop, so here are some surefire ways to get those giggles going:

1. Look for the unexpected

Sometimes it can be the most unexpected thing that sets your baby off as singer, Meghan Trainor found out. She and her husband Daryl Sabara welcomed their son Riley into the world in February 2021. Recently they shared a wonderful ‘baby laughing’ moment on TikTok as Riley is in fits of laughter over a garbage bag.

Meghan is holding their son in the kitchen while her husband shakes a big bag three of four times in a row. Riley lets out a delightful belly laugh. They do it again and the baby laughs. And again. Meghan says to us in astonishment, “It’s a trash bag!”

The couple keep the game going, taking turns in shaking the garbage bag, enjoying the moment when their baby giggles uncontrollably. “I’ve been doing this for a half hour!” says Meghan with a laugh.


The best sound ever 🤣 @darylsabara @ryan.trainor

♬ original sound – Meghan Trainor

2. Give your baby a tickle

Babies happily respond to light touching and tickling. My youngest daughter would giggle nonstop if we tickled her under her chin. Gentle blowing on your baby’s skin is also worth a try, especially when blowing raspberries on their tummy.

3. Find something noisy

Anything that makes a funny or unusual noise may set your baby off. It might be a noisy toy but it could just as easily be banging on tin, ringing a little bell, even zipping up your zipper. The trouble is you don’t know what sounds will appeal until you make them. So try all sorts of noisemakers until you hit the jackpot.

4. Make a funny sound

Any sound that you can make with your mouth will be sure to thrill your baby. Try making a clicking sound, a kissing sound or a popping sound. Or even try a squeaky voice. Sounds such as these are often more effective than words.

5. Play a fun game

Playing an old favourite like peek-a-boo never gets boring for a baby at this age. Every time mum or dad appears from behind their hands, or a sheet, a baby is bound to laugh and giggle. Another fun game is to get down on hands and knees and play ‘chasings’ with your baby around the room You could keep playing the same thing over and over again – in fact most parents do, just to keep hearing that magical sound.

Meghan Trainor’s adorable post attracted a huge response with 3.9 million likes and over 22,000 happy comments. While it’s a absolute delight for mum and dad, a baby laughing is clearly something that everyone wants to watch. Again and again. “Nothing better than a baby’s laugh” said one follower.

“Everyone is equally entertained including us!” wrote another. “So cute. Baby laughs are so infectious.”

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