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“I promise you it works”: mum’s hack to stop baby crying

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It’s a fact. All babies cry. It’s also a fact that exhausted parents everywhere continue to seek ways to ease their babies crying and calm them down. And now, one mum claims to have found a very simple solution.

Mum shares her secret

Babies cry because they have no other way of communicating. So in those early months, there’s a lot to cry about. And for a tired-out mum, this can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, one mum, with two children under the age of two, found a sure-fire technique to stop her baby crying and has shared it via TikTok. “I promise you, it works every single time,” she says.


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What does she do?

In her TikTok clip, the mum firstly shows how to best hold your baby when they cry – and what she suggests might surprise you. “So what you’re gonna wanna do is switch your baby’s position from facing you to gently turning them over,” she says. “Make sure their arms are crossed within the swaddle.”

The mum also demonstrates how you should hold the baby’s neck: “Make sure that their neck is supported as well so that way they can breathe.”

Once you’ve got baby in the right position, the rest is easy. “Gently rock them back and forth,” she says.

An instant success

The TikTok is captioned, “How to get your baby to stop crying instantly”, which seems to be good to be true. However, when the TikTok mum carries out the technique on her baby, the crying almost immediately stops. It really is like magic. One parent was curious about the baby being swaddled. “Now what if your baby doesn’t like to be swaddled,” they asked. The TikTok mum explained that she had the same thing with her first son, and that it shouldn’t be an issue. “You can also do it w/o a swaddles, “ she says. “Just make sure their arms are crossed Wakanda style across their chest!”

Can’t help but watch

This very watchable TikTok of a happy mum and her very cute baby received an enormous response with 1.8 million likes and 7546 comments. Many parents, like one particular viewer, jumped to try out this stop-baby-crying hack. “My baby is one month old today and I needed this this morning!” she commented. Then when asked if it worked, she replied, “It did.”

Other people were keen to remember the technique for when they might one day have a baby, while others couldn’t help but watch the gorgeous little bub instantly quietening down in mum’s arms. “Why did I watch the whole thing,” commented one viewer. “I don’t even have a kid.”

Another said, ”Idk why I saved this but I don’t have a baby lmao.” However another viewer offered a possible explanation: “incase you ever have to hold a baby lol, or one day you’ll randomly be the one person who can get the baby at a gathering to stop crying lol.”

It seems that this amazing stop-baby-crying hack appeals to everyone, whether you have a crying baby or not!

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