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Here are the most-searched baby names in Australia right now

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There are baby name lists that feature names that have actually been used, and then there’s the list of names parents are mulling over.

It’s the latter we’re curious about, and thanks to baby name website Nameberry, we can take a peek into the names people are searching for around the world to see what trends are about to emerge.

In a recent blog post, Nameberry says it has parents-to-be from over 200 countries, including Australia, coming to the website for ideas. They focused on 25 of their top countries (by visitor number) and took a closer look at the names parents have viewed over the last year.

Here’s what they found. 


A spike in girls? Nameberry found searches for girls’ names were more popular than boys in every country on their list, except for India. 

Micro names – Luna (Latin for ‘moon’), and Arlo (a shortened version of Italian name Carlo), are two names on the rise in English-speaking countries. 

Latin origin – Aurora (meaning ‘dawn’), and Atticus (meaning ‘from Attica’), are also popular in English-speaking countries. 

Ancient boy names – like Atlas (meaning ‘bearer of the heavens’), Rufus (meaning ‘red-head’), and Severus (meaning ‘stern’) are on the up in Finland and Sweden.

Boy names ending in O – Internationally, this is a big trend with Arlo, Hugo (meaning ‘mind, intellect’), Leo (meaning, ‘Lion’), Milo (meaning ‘soldier or merciful’) and Santiago (meaning ‘Saint James’), all appearing on multiple top countries’ lists.

Danger – New in Namberry’s top 100 is an interesting one. Danger is a top choice for parents in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The names Australian parents are searching on Nameberry

Breaking down their list to be country specific, here are the most-searched names in Australia.

Girl Names

  • Luna – Latin for ‘moon’
  • Isla – meaning ‘island’
  • Aurora – meaning ‘dawn’
  • Mia – a shorter version of Maria, meaning ‘mine or bitter’
  • Maeve – meaning ‘she who intoxicates’

Boy Names

  • Arlo – a shortened version of the Italian name Carlo
  • Hugo – meaning ‘mind, intellect’
  • Oscar – meaning ‘God spear’, ‘deer-lover’ or champion warrior’
  • Leo – meaning ‘Lion’
  • Theodore – meaning ‘gift of God’
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