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In this best Baby Food comparison, you can find out what the Tell Me Baby community thinks are the top packaged Baby Food products on the market.

Baby Food Comparison Chart

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BrandProduct NameImageRRPStar RatingNumber of ReviewsReview Example
NestléNestlé CERELAC Muesli with Banana & AppleNestlé CERELAC Muesli with Banana & Apple$4.694.825"THis is a fantastic breakfast idea. I find fruit just doesn't fill my baby up enough, so this is great. I use about 1 tablespoon plus some puree fruit mixed in it as well..."
Bellamy’s OrganicBellamy’s Organic Vegie MacaroniBellamy’s Organic Vegie Macaroni$4.804.819"This pasta cooks up so easy and is the best to add to any meal. The pieces are small enough to be eaten easily and mushy enough to eat with no teeth..."
Rafferty’s GardenRafferty’s Garden Baby Puree 6m+Rafferty’s Garden Baby Puree 6m+$2.094.740"I love these for my son! He loves all the flavors and I love how there is so many different varieties! They are available at all supermarkets which is super convenient and they are so cheap that we buy them in bulk..."
Bellamy's OrganicBellamy’s Organic Snacks 12m+Bellamy’s Organic Snacks 12m+$3.404.734"These were a great little snack that you could throw in your nappy bag and they stayed fresh. Also good for baby led weaning as they could pick them up and feed themselves..."
Bellamy's OrganicBellamy’s Organic Ready To Serve Baby Food 6m+Bellamy’s Organic Ready To Serve Baby Food 6m+$1.994.730"My son loves these pouches and the so many different varieties. I love how they are all used with organic ingredients. They are perfect for on the go or travelling and they are small enough to just pop in the nappy bag..."
Rafferty’s GardenRafferty’s Garden Calci Fruit Baby Snacks 8m+Rafferty’s Garden Calci Fruit Baby Snacks 8m+$2.294.721"So so good and easy for when your in a rush or running out the door and need something quick and yummy for Bub..."
NestléNestlé CERELAC Muesli with PearNestlé CERELAC Muesli with Pear$4.694.721"this flavour is by far our favourite one. we have pretty much the whole range and use them on a daily basis, gives DD a variety of textures and tastes and so much extra nutrients to her meals..."
NestléNestlé CERELAC Multigrain with PearNestlé CERELAC Multigrain with Pear$4.454.710"DD loves her cereal so with all the different flavours available through this range we are onto a winner every time. This is her favourite for sure. She loves pear..."
Rafferty’s GardenRafferty’s Garden Smooth Baby Food 4m+Rafferty’s Garden Smooth Baby Food 4m+$1.994.651"My son thoroughly enjoyed the Raffertys range when he was first introduced to baby food. And I was more than happy for him to eat it as it is all natural with no hidden preservatives and nasty things in it..."
Bellamy’s OrganicBellamy’s Organic Baby Porridge 5m+Bellamy’s Organic Baby Porridge 5m+$4.954.645"This is a great way to start solids for your little one. You can make the texture however you like for you little ones taste and with added breast milk or formula..."
HeinzHeinz Organic Baby Food 4m+Heinz Organic Baby Food 4m+$1.954.628"These Heinz organic food pouches are great. Quick and easy, a great portion size. They are a little more expensive than other baby foods, even other organic baby foods but they are worth the money..."
Rafferty’s GardenRafferty’s Garden Breakfast Cereal 6m+Rafferty’s Garden Breakfast Cereal 6m+$12.954.628"a great start to the day for DD. She loves this whole range of delicious goodies and I love the resealable packaging, means no damp gets in like with other brands..."
Rafferty’s GardenRafferty’s Garden CustardRafferty’s Garden Custard$2.094.628"I was delighted to see that Rafferty's Garden had a range of sweets for babies. We happened to try the vanilla version and it sure is a great hit..."
Rafferty’s GardenRafferty’s Garden Baby Brekkie Rice Cereal, Pear, Banana & MilkRafferty’s Garden Baby Brekkie Rice Cereal, Pear, Banana & Milk$2.504.627"I love that this is all mixed into one to make a yummy, easy, quick but filling breakfast. I often made rice cereal and then added fruit to it so this is good and convenient already packaged..."
Bellamy’s OrganicBellamy’s Organic Ready To Serve Baby Food 4m+Bellamy’s Organic Ready To Serve Baby Food 4m+$1.994.626"Love Bellamy’s they have some awesome flavours in this variety some you can’t find in any other brand like fig! And some with flavours you wouldn’t think of putting together usually..."
Bellamy's OrganicBellamy’s Organic Pasta 8m+Bellamy’s Organic Pasta 8m+$4.804.626"I love that this pasta is organic and natural no hidden or added nasties Bellamy’s always makes great products, so easy to prepare as well..."
HeinzHeinz Little Kids Oat Bikkies Honey & BananaHeinz Little Kids Oat Bikkies Honey & Banana$4.894.619"My children seem to enjoy eating these. They are bite sized and for the two smaller children they are an especially good size and easy for them to hold..."
Baby Mum-MumBaby Mum-Mum First Rice RusksBaby Mum-Mum First Rice Rusks$34.616"My little ones like them. Good for snacks in car, at home, and on the go. Even my 5 yr old takes the second Vickie on her sister..."
Bellamy’s OrganicBellamy’s Organic Pinkies Snacks 12m+Bellamy’s Organic Pinkies Snacks 12m+$3.404.612"These are definitely are favorite! I love having these healthy snacks on hand for car trips, walks in the pram and at those desperate times I need to settle him down..."

How to Choose Baby Food

If you are looking for the best baby food for your baby, use the above Baby Food Comparison chart to search by:

Key Baby Food Information

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About Baby Food

While many parents plan to feed our baby’s lovingly prepared, home cooked food the realities of modern parenting means that this isn’t always an option.

When you are choosing baby food it’s a good idea to always check the ingredients to make sure you’re getting healthy whole foods for your baby. Generally, try to avoid baby food that contains added sugars, and also that’d made with water and thickening agents to bulk up the contents.


The little jars of baby food are what most people think of when you mention baby food. Though nowadays there is a huge variety of different delivery options for baby food, the good old jars are still a great way to feed baby. These come in a variety of single foods, ie just apple, or just pears etc, or mixes of anything from fruits, vegetables, meats and grains.

Squeeze Pouches

Pouches are super convenient, because you don’t necessarily need to empty them out into a bowl. Just squeeze onto a spoon and feed to baby. Because the spoon isn’t going from baby’s mouth back into the container you can potentially re-seal and refrigerate them to be finished within 24 hours.

One thing to be aware of it’s not recommended to give the squeeze pouch to your baby to suck the contents out themselves.


Sachets of baby food are generally savoury foods that are sealed in bags that can be emptied into a bowl and then heated up. Being a sachet they like and compact, so they’re easy to keep in a nappy bag or store in the pantry for an easy dinner.

Baby Cereals

While several years ago most of us were told to start baby on some form of baby rice, these days it’s generally recommended that baby’s first foods be plain fruit or vegetables. Though there are still some great baby cereal options, that aren’t just plain white rice. There’s a range of baby porridges and other whole grain cereals, often with added dried fruit or other ingredients. Just watch out for any added sugar.


Little finger food snacks are great for older babies and toddlers, especially on the go. There are so many options to choose from. Teething rusks, snack bars, rice cakes, even dehydrated fruits and vegetables for baby to chomp on.

Fresh and frozen food

A new additional to baby food options can be found in the fridge and freezer sections of the supermarket. They’re marketed as a fresher option, and the closest to home cooking. These are option main meal type foods (meat and vegetables). And generally more for toddlers and young children.

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