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In this best dummies comparison, you can find out what the Tell Me Baby community thinks are the top dummies on the market.

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BrandProduct NameImageRRPStar RatingNumber of ReviewsReview Example
Tommee TippeeTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Air Style SootherTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Air Style Soother$7.954.923"Bubba took this dummy first go after refusing other styles. They are still the only dummiea he likes 9months later..."
Tommee TippeeTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fun Style SootherTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fun Style Soother$114.531"We have a huge stash of these oh hand ready to go!! We keep a pack of two in the car, in the pram/nappy bag and in the house so we’re never without..."
Tommee TippeeTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Night Time SootherTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Night Time Soother$114.532"Tommee tippee closer to nature dummies are the only dummies my son uses. They are a great size for 0-6 months old and The glow in the dark feature is seriously brilliant on tommee tippee’s behalf..."
Tommee TippeeTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Any Time SootherTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Any Time Soother$104.437"My son really loves all the Tommee Tippee closer to nature dummies and this range is no exception..."
NUKNUK Orthodontic SootherNUK Orthodontic Soother$10.254.132"This Nuk's soother is the only one that my son would take. I have heaps at home and everywhere over his cot..."

How to choose a dummy

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About dummies

Many parents end up offering their baby a dummy at some stage (whether they planned to or not!). It’s an entirely personal decision to choose to use a dummy with your baby.

There are so many different dummies to choose from, and some babies will need to try a few different dummies before you find the right size, shape and texture that suits them. Also be aware that some babies will not take a dummy, no matter which dummies you try, while others do just like to have that extra sucking time to soothe and comfort themselves.

Silicone, latex or rubber dummies

  • Silicone dummies are the most common type of dummies. They’re usually the most durable type of dummy. They’re also usually dishwasher safe.
  • Latex dummies are softer and more flexible, which some babies might prefer. They generally don’t last as long as silicone dummies.
  • Natural rubber dummies are an option for people wanting to choose a dummy that is more natural and has less of an environmental footprint.

Dummy shape: cherry vs orthodontic

Cherry-shaped dummies are round, while orthodontic-shaped dummies are rounded on one side and flattened on the other. Orthodontic dummies are designed to encourage baby to suck on the dummy the same way they would suck a nipple while breastfeeding. They’re also designed to cause less issues with baby’s teeth.

Some babies do have a preference for the more traditional rounded cherry-shaped dummies, and you might need to try out both to see which one baby will take.

Other factors to consider when choosing a dummy

  • Age and size: Dummies usually have a recommend age range. Generally newborn dummies are smaller and also softer than dummies designed for older babies.
  • Ventilation holes: Check that any dummy your baby uses has ventilation holes in the backing shield, just in case baby does manage to get the whole dummy inside their mouth. This is especially important when using cheap or novelty dummies, which often don’t adhere to safety standards.
  • Single piece dummies: These are generally considered safer than dummies that have a separate plastic backing, as they cannot come apart. Still check any dummy regularly for signs of wear or breakages.

Dummy chains

Dummy chains can be so useful when out and about with baby, especially if they’re old enough to start to pop their own dummy out of their mouth. It can be frustrating constantly losing or washing dummies because they get thrown on the floor! Be aware dummy chains should be short so baby can’t get them tangled around their neck, and also shouldn’t be worn to bed. Also check the dummy chain regularly for signs of wear, as they can break apart and be a choking hazard.

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