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In this best Sippy Cups comparison, you can find out what the Tell Me Baby community thinks are the top Sippy Cups on the market.

Sippy Cups Comparison Chart

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BrandProduct NameImageRRPStar RatingNumber of ReviewsReview Example
MunchkinMunchkin Miracle® 360° CupMunchkin Miracle® 360° Cup$14.994.719"I love this sippy cup I think it’s great for promoting use of a cup properly. I love that this size is available and a smaller size with handles so really it’s perfect for all ages..."
MunchkinMunchkin Miracle® 360° Trainer CupMunchkin Miracle® 360° Trainer Cup$14.994.627"I love the Munhckin Miracle Trainer Cup! My son figured out how to drink from this cup much quicker than I did."
MunchkinMunchkin Click Lock™ Weighted Flexi-Straw CupMunchkin Click Lock™ Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup$12.994.617"I think this cup is a great idea! It has taught my son to drink out of a straw and it is very durable and is designed not to spill."
Philips AventPhilips Avent Easy Sip Spout Cup with HandlePhilips Avent Easy Sip Spout Cup with Handle$7.954.611"This was the only sippy cup my daughter had no troubles with when we were introducing them. It's the perfect size and not too heavy for their little hands."
Heinz Baby BasicsHeinz Baby Basics Toddler Straw CupHeinz Baby Basics Toddler Straw Cup$9.764.610"We love straw cups in our house hold! And my toddler keeps biting through the straws, this one seems super durable so far, easy to drink from and to wash, good price always quality items we find too." Sippy Sippy Cup$14.954.456"This cup is amazing as no matter which way he holds it he can drink from it because of the weighted straw. Super sturdy to after lots of throws. Definitely recommend!"
NubyNuby No-Spill™ Twin Handle Silicone Spout CupNuby No-Spill™ Twin Handle Silicone Spout Cup$9.004.414"I love this sippy cup! It's easy for bubs to hold on her own and I love that she can throw it around and tip it upside down with no spills!!"
PigeonPigeon MagMag Spout CupPigeon MagMag Spout Cup$22.154.110"This is a wonderful product. My darling daughter absolutely adores this soppy cup. She is able to drink water easily and it was an easy transition for her from the breast."
Heinz Baby BasicsHeinz Baby Basics Free Flow CupHeinz Baby Basics Free Flow Cup$4.893.813"It took 5 different zippy cups, but I finally found one that my daughter loves using and can actually use on her own."
Tommee TippeeTommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Sips CupTommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Sips Cup$12.003.424"I think this sippy cup design is gorgeous, I love the huge handles and it’s the perfect size for transitioning to trying baby on little sips of water."

How to Choose a Sippy Cup

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About Sippy Cups

Sippy cups come in a huge variety of styles and are also designed for different age groups or developmental stages. It can also be a bit of a challenge to find the right sippy cup for your little one. Many families try multiple types of sippy cups before finding the one that their child will happily take. Also sometimes that preferred style of sippy cup changes with your child’s development. So while there might be some trial and error involved, hopefully considering the following things will help make it easier to get the right sippy cup for your baby the first time.

What to look for in a sippy cup

  • Age range. As I mentioned above, sippy cups are usually designed for a particular age.
  • Adjustable flow. Especially if you’re looking for a sippy cup for a baby or young toddler, being able to adjust the flow to suit your child can be really important.
  • Gripable handles. Most parents when choosing a sippy cup are wanting to find something that their child can feed to themselves. So even in the store before you buy the sippy cup make sure your baby or toddler can grasp and hold their handles themselves.
  • “Drip free” Design. Less mess is always a plus! So look for sippy cups that claim to be drip or spill proof.
  • Spout vs Straw. Often toddlers will have a strong preference between using a spout or sucking through a straw.
  • Easy to clean. You want a sippy cup that all components can be completely pulled apart to clean. Otherwise the moisture inside them can promote mould growth, and nobody wants their little one drinking that!

Transitional Sippy Cups

One way to introduce a sippy cup, especially for a bottle fed bub is to start with a transition sippy cup. Transitional sippy cups can be used with a bottle teat, as well as with either a spout or straw. They often have removable handles as well, so they function just like a regular baby bottle initially, and then transform into a proper sippy cup for your older baby or toddler.

To Sippy Cup or Not To Sippy Cup

While sippy cups are generally easier to use when you’re on the go and also less likely to be spilled, you can introduce a regular cup to your baby and skip the sippy cup altogether. It’s not a necessary developmental stage, but more of a convenience. So if you’re happy to teach your tot to use a regular cup straight from bottle or breast, then go right ahead! 


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