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In this best skin care for mum comparison, you can find out what the Tell Me Baby community thinks are the top skin care products for mum on the market.

Skin care for mum comparison chart

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LansinohLansinoh LanolinLansinoh Lanolin$27.954.8139"This is the greatest nipple cream around! Without it I would have ended my breastfeeding journey a lot earlier. It helped prevent a lot of cracks getting worse but also stopped pain and started healing cracks instantly. The cost is hard as often when you crack a nipple you need the healing features instantly but I’m sure a lot of single mums or non working mums may struggle to find the reasoning to spend this on themselves even though it’s well worth it! But the size of the tub for the cost is the only down fall I’ve found so far!"
GAIAGAIA Nipple BalmGAIA Nipple Balm$13.954.846"I love gaia products and this nipple balm is great and no exception to the rule! Perfect for breast feeding mums. This cream is safe for babies and you can have pain free nipples and not worry about them getting any on them as its natural and safe. Highly recommend this product!"
thankyouThankyou Mums & Bubs Massage OilThankyou Mums & Bubs Massage Oil$9.994.723"This product thank you mums and bubs massage oil is exactly what I've been searching for. It's gentle and smooth on the skin, not too thick and heavy and rubs into the skin easily. The smell is lovely, and I've been using it so much since I bought the bottle! Great brand."
MooGooMooGoo Mudder Udder BalmMooGoo Mudder Udder Balm$14.504.621"I love moogoo mudder udder balm! It’s perfect to use with a cluster feeding baby as you don’t need to wipe it off prior to feeds. It contains no harsh chemicals and ingredients are safe for bubs so you can have piece of mind. Better yet it applies smoothly which is great for sore breasts. Australian made an added bonus."
MarcalanMarcalan Nipple CreamMarcalan Nipple Cream$19.95417"My friend recommended this cream over other heavily known brands. It’s cheaper and works within the day. Does not have a strong smell and absorbs really well. I tell all new mums and mums to be! I had severe cracking and nearly gave up breastfeeding but the Marcalan cream fixed me right up to go by the end of the day!"
Palmer'sPalmer’s Tummy Butter for Stretch MarksPalmer’s Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks$11.953.928"Personally I i love Palmers tummy butter Fien stretch marks as I have very dry skin which became so itchy as bubs grew. It’s very thick so probably best used at night only otherwise you might feel sticky. The smell is nice to for evening wear too as it has lavender for relaxation abs an added bonus!"
Palmer'sPalmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch MarksPalmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks$12.953.880"I love this product- smells devine and no nasty ingredients. I felt this lotion nourished my skin well and did diminish stretch marks. It feels so nice to apply and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy afterwards. I also have the smaller bottles and keep them in my hand bag. Easy to find in the supermarket too."
Bio-OilBio-Oil SkincareBio-Oil Skincare$14.953.7160"Using bio oil throughout my entire pregnancy made a massive difference for me in scaring. Not only did it massively reduce redness in stretch marks but it helped my skin stretch without causing them. I 100% wish I heard about it earlier in my first pregnancy as I feel very strongly that my body would look a lot healthier with use throughout both pregnancies!"
Palmer'sPalmer’s Spray Lotion for Stretch MarksPalmer’s Spray Lotion for Stretch Marks$12.953.612"My husband bought this for me after trying many other oils. This was my favourite. Easy to apply, it didn't leave me feeling oily. It was soothing and became an easy part of my daily routine. Would recommend for any pregnant mums, great to be gifted to any expecting mum to be."

How to choose skin care for mums

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About skin care for mum

Parents can spend a lot of time and attention looking for the right skin care products for their baby, but what about for themselves?

Mums (and dads!) deserve love and care as much as bubs!

Before, during and after pregnancy, it’s important for mums to look after their own skin too.

The Tell Me Baby Community has reviewed hundreds of skin care products that are great for mums and shared their opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

Here are the different kinds of skin care products to consider:


Whether it’s a body moisturiser, hand lotion or nipple cream, the range of creams and lotions available is vast.

You can choose products by skin type with the end goal of keeping your skin tip top during and after pregnancy.

Many mums like to invest in a body butter to use on their growing bump during pregnancy. It’s a potentially good pick to help reduce stretch marks.


There are so many oils on the market these days with mums embracing them as a way to moisturise, improve the texture of their skin or help prevent or eliminate stretch marks.

Oils are also a great go-to product for massage.


Balms can be ultra-protective for skin and sooth dry or cracked skin. They’re a great multipurpose product for mum and bub and ideal to keep in the nappy bag in times of need.

You can read, and write, reviews on the skin care products for mums you’ve tried here.

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