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Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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Medela Harmony single manual breast pump is designed for mums who mostly breastfeed and is great for travel or as a backup to your electric pump.

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2-Phase Expression Technology



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What the community is saying

simple to cleangreat manual pumpgood valueback up pumpabsolutely loveeasy to use
Natasha Smith
January 25, 2020
Great pump

Loved this pump. Was so easy to use and loved it used the same parts as the swing so I could interchange. Light weight and compact and great for travel. Easy to use however do need to make sure it’s put together properly and to replace the different parts as…Read More

Carly Gibbs
January 22, 2020

This came along with my electric breast pump so I actually didn't really use it that often. But it was really handy for when I wasn't able to be connected to a power source or needed to pump on the go. It was just as comfortable as the electric version…Read More

Radhika Nadig
December 30, 2019
Perfect as a back up to electric pump

I used to pump regularly when my second one needed to undergo surgery within days of being born and I had to keep my supply going. I used the electric pump at the hospital and later purchased the manual one as a back up. It's easy enough for first time…Read More

Hayley wherrett
December 28, 2019
Great travel pump

This pump was great as a new mum who had no idea about breast pumps and how to use them. It was great to take to the hospital after bub was born to help encourage my milk to come in. It is easy to use and easy to clean and…Read More

kayla Dudley
December 22, 2019

I used the Medela harmony manual 2-phase breast pump with all 3 of my children. I found this pump was the perfect feeding companion for expressing your over supply, a quick express if you’re away from bub and/or establishing your supply. I found it very easy to setup, use and…Read More

Product features



Key features

Key features

  • Light and discreet: switch between this pump and a double electric pump or use this pump on its own if you do not pump frequently
  • Elegantly designed and comfortable to use: assembly is intuitive and the pump has an ergonomic twist handle
  • Features 2-Phase Expression technology


Q: Can the different size PersonalFit breast shields work with the Harmony pump?
A: Yes, all PersonalFit breast shields work on the Harmony breast pump.
Q: How do I clean and sanitize the Harmony parts?
A: Prior to each use:

1. Disassemble the PersonalFit™ breastshield, pump body, valve, membrane and bottle. Note: All parts are to be disassembled and washed separately for the pump to function efficiently.
2. Wash remaining parts in dishwasher or in soapy water and rinse well.
3. Air dry parts on clean towel and cover when not in use.

Under normal use, the pump handle and diaphragm/stem only need to be cleaned periodically or when it is apparent they have become soiled. Do not remove small white o-ring from stem.

Do not use with Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam™ bags. Wash only according to instructions above or included in the Harmony Manual Breastpump Instructions for Use.

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