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9 must-have newborn items

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If you’re pregnant and starting to think about all the baby items you’ll need, you’ve come to the right place. 

Not only can you find out about the essential baby products that other parents recommend, but you can also go in the draw to win them all!

From a car seat to a baby carrier, here are 9 essential items parents need.

1. Swaddle bag

Forget struggling with complicated wraps and pop your baby in a swaddle bag. The ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag comes with a two-way zip and is rated for warmth to keep a baby snug and securely swaddled. It comes with a free room thermometer and a guide to help parents layer appropriately for warmth. If your baby doesn’t like being swaddled or is approaching the rolling milestone, simply pop up the shoulder studs to release their arms and convert the swaddle into a sleeping bag.

The ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag is made from and filled with GOTS certified organic cotton, with elastane in the outer fabric and bamboo in the lining. This means it’s firm enough to restrict the startle reflex while still allowing stretch and movement for healthy growth. Importantly, the organic cotton and bamboo is certified non-toxic, so it’s gentle on newborn skin and skin prone to eczema breakouts. 

The bell-shaped design is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being hip-healthy, and promotes proper joint development in the hips and shoulders joints. 

For more information, visit the ergoPouch website. Read ergoPouch reviews

2. A baby capsule

The Britax Safe-n-Sound UNITY™ ISOFIX is the only baby capsule suitable for low birth weight and premmie babies without restrictive medical conditions. You won’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing the capsule too fast, as it’s suitable from birth through to 12 months (approx.). 

You can be sure your baby will be safe and secure in this baby capsule. The Integrated Stabilising Bar ensures the capsule won’t rotate in the event of a crash, while the EPS Foam and High Side Walls offer maximum protection against side impact. 

For smaller babies, the Britax UNITY™ COMFORT INSERT offers additional full-body comfort and support in any baby capsule or convertible car seat. With around 7% of all babies being of low birth weight, this insert will keep your precious bundle safe, snug and cocooned in comfort and safety. This insert has been tested and certified with Britax Safe-n-Sound UNITY capsules and B-First.

For more information, visit Britax’s website. Read Britax Safe-n-Sound reviews from other parents. 

3. A lounger

Rock the daily juggle with your tiny human thanks to Cushii, the multi-functional baby lounger that gives parents hands-free moments and the freedom to take on daily life.

The Cushii Lounger is the perfect solution for mums who want to do regular-person things like shower, prepare food, and brush their hair. Just pop bub in the Cushii Lounger to keep them comfy and close by. As well as convenient, they’re also silky soft, lightweight, portable and made with Certified Tencel. What more could you ask for?

To see the options available, visit the Cushii website and give yourself a much-deserved moment of peace!

4. Double electric breast pump + a milk saver pump

Looking to build a supply of milk in your freezer? The Pigeon Style GoMini™ Double Electric Breast Pump and Pigeon Milk Saver pump are the perfect combo. 

The Pigeon Style GoMini™ Double Electric Breast Pump is compact and light, so mums can easily carry and store it when they need to express breast milk at work or on the go. It can be used as a single or double breast pump and features five different expression modes for pumping flexibility. You can also switch between stimulation and expression modes easily to mimic the slow, steady suck-and-swallow pattern of your baby. 

Additionally, the Pigeon Milk Saver Pump is a game changer when it comes to collecting breast milk. Place it on your other breast while feeding bub, ensuring no milk is wasted. The Milk Saver Pump can also be used also as a manual pump to assist in milk let down or to express milk.

For more information, visit the Pigeon website. Read Pigeon reviews

5. A baby carrier

A baby carrier is perfect for keeping baby close while still having the use of both hands, and Ergobaby has just announced the release of an innovative new carrier, Aerloom. The first of its kind, it’s made from FormaKnit™ fabric, designed to move and stretch to fit parents and their daily active lives. 

At just 0.66kg, Aerloom is one of the lightest structured baby carriers on the market. It has built-in airflow and includes a zippered pocket, integrated into the lumbar support, to hold a phone, keys, and cards.

For the eco-conscious, Aerloom is made from 26 post-consumer recycled bottles, so it has a low carbon footprint. Ergobaby also redesigned the packaging – each carrier comes in a recyclable, direct shipper packaging so there is no need for an additional box to ship Aerloom carriers.

For more information, visit the website. Read Ergobaby reviews

6. A play mat

Tummy time is essential for bub’s development and should be experienced regularly. To make sure the space on the floor is safe, many parents choose to place a playmat down.

This Jersey Quilted Playmat from Outlook Baby is the perfect solution. Made from 100% jersey cotton outer with quilting, it is the largest jersey playmat on the market and provides a comfortable surface for bub during tummy time.

It also features a waterproof non-slip backing, making it safe for wooden or tiled surfaces. Parents can also use it on the grass to protect bub’s sensitive skin. The best part is that it’s machine washable. 

For more information, visit the Outlook Baby website

7. Backpack and pram caddy

Babies need a lot of stuff, so a backpack and pram caddy are a must when on the go. VANCHI’s stunning Billie Convertible Backpack/Tote Baby Bag can be worn 4 ways, and is the first baby bag that can be easily converted from a tote to a backpack while on the go. 

The VANCHI Pram Caddy is designed to impress. Attach to your pram handlebars and have everything you need right in front of you – it’s large enough to fit drinks, keys, phones, nappies, wipes and other essentials. 

For more information, visit the VANCHI website.

8. A barrier balm

Aromababy’s Barrier Balm is a unique formulation developed to help soothe and moisturise dry skin.

Free from lanolin, petro chemicals and artificial fragrance, instead this Australian made product contains organic calendula, evening primrose and chamomile oils.

Used in select hospitals for more than 20 years, Barrier Balm melts on contact with the skin and offers gentle care for even eczema-prone and sensitive skin.

For more information, visit the Aromababy website. Read Aromababy Barrier Balm reviews

9. Something to soothe sore nipples

Sore and cracked nipples can be very painful for breastfeeding mums. Multi-Mam Compresses are intensive nipple treatments for breastfeeding mothers that provide a soothing effect on cracked, sore and swollen nipples for instant comfort and relief. 

Not your ordinary nipple compress, Multi-Mam has two sides: one contains a plant-based Bio-Active gel to soothe pain, while the other side helps prevent leakage and staining of clothes.

Read Multi-Mam Compresses reviews


We have a mega prize to give away – one lucky winner will receive a pack valued at $1968.73. Enter your details below for your chance to win all these:

  • ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag (0-3m), $59.95
  • Britax Safe-n-Sound UNITY ISOFIX Baby Capsule, $499, and Britax UNITY Comfort Insert, $49.95
  • Pigeon Go Mini Breast Pump, $324.99 and Milk Saver Pump, $22.99
  • ergoBaby Aerloom baby carrier, $399 
  • Jersey playmat from Outlook Baby, $129.95
  • Vanchi Billie Convertible Backpack, $189.95, and Pram Caddy, $69.95
  • Aromababy Natural Baby Kit, $99
  • The Cushii Lounger, $149

This competition has closed.

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