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The $2 IKEA products parents love

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Ikea kalas bowl

There comes a time in every parents’ life when you discover a product so handy, you have to share your find with others. 

The Tell Me Baby (TMB) community has rated the IKEA products they’ve tried and there’s a clear favourite in the kids’ crockery department: the KALAS range. Specifically, the IKEA KALAS Bowl (4.9 stars), the IKEA KALAS Mug (4.8 stars) and the IKEA KALAS Plate (4.9 stars).


IKEA Kalas bowl

Parents in the TMB community are raving about IKEA KALAS Bowls, which are stackable, scratch-resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe. 

One mum wrote: “Easy to clean, easy to stack… these colourful bowls are just the best for little ones and we use them every single day!”

“Can’t go wrong with these cute, colourful and – best of all – CHEAP bowls,” wrote another. “Great for toddlers and kids, these are super easy to wash and last a long time. Buy in bulk and stash away. Great for snacking at the table or the kiddie table doing some activities. Highly recommend these, we certainly have at least two sets in our home!”

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Perfect for kids who are keen to learn how to drink independently, they’re grip-friendly and impact resistance, so they’re easy to hold and won’t break.

“We love our IKEA mugs, the colours are really pretty,” said one reviewer. “The cups stack away so neatly, and they take up hardly any room in the cupboard as they are stackable.”

“I bought these for my little one to try and teach her how to sip properly from a cup. So glad I did, and we are now learning about colours at mealtimes with the Kalas range. Bright and colourful and easy to clean, these cups are a must for toddlers!” wrote another.

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A big plus for the IKEA KALAS Plate is in the design – it features a high edge, which helps to keep food on the plate.

“Just like the IKEA Kalas bowls, these brightly coloured plates are used every day in our house. They are sturdy and easy to clean – straight into the dishwasher after messy mealtimes. The best thing about them is that they are such great value! A couple of dollars for something you use every day!” one TMB reviewer said. 

Another added: “These plates from IKEA are great, probably one of the best two dollars I’ve ever spent. We have a few of them in our house, and they get used daily by my kids.”

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