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A new double electric pump that’s perfect for life on the go

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If you’re looking for an effective portable pump that gets the job done, then Medela’s new Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump is for you. 

This easy-to-use pump has a rechargeable battery (that lasts for up to six pumping sessions!), while Medela’s Flex™ technology offers flexibility, comfort and efficiency every time you pump.

And many mums agree it’s a great option. We asked a team of Tell Me Baby reviewers to put the new Medela Swing Maxi to the test, and with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating, needless to say they were more than satisfied. 

“Wow! I am so impressed”

Many reviewers were taken with the new Medela Swing Maxi from the minute they opened the box. “My first thoughts when receiving this pump is how light and compact it is in comparison to others,” commented one reviewer. “The instructions were easy to read and so informative for a first time user of the Medela brand.”

“First impressions were that this pump is a lot smaller, compact and less complicated than other pumps I’ve used,” said another. “The design is new and improved; there’s no big bulky box you have to connect various things too.”

While another said, “Wow! I am so impressed by Medela’s new Swing Maxi Double Electric Pump! The packaging was nice and clear, highlighting features that are important to me such as range of suction and simplicity of controls.”

“A great portable pump”

These days life is busy for on-the-go parents, so many reviewers loved the fact that this pump was so lightweight and portable. “Portability is everything nowadays,” said one parent. “If you are out and about a lot that comes in so handy as you can pump in the car.”

“It’s a fantastic pump for on-the-go mums,” said another. “I know I’ll be packing this one for future outings.”

While another said, “I love that it’s portable and lightweight so I walk around. It’s also suitable to take to work, which I’ll be using when I return.”

Power when you want it

Having a rechargeable battery is a huge attraction for our reviewing team as it makes life even easier and more flexible. One reviewer said, “I LOVE that this version has a built in rechargeable battery to enable a bit of portability if you need to pump when out and about (no more searching for AA batteries).”

“Once I’ve charged the pump I’m getting five to six uses out of them which is great,” said another. “Gone are the days of having to pump beside a power point!”

“It gets the job done”

Overall, ease and comfort and functionality of a pump is what really counts and in this department the new Medela Swing Maxi was a hit. “I rarely have to increase suction but love being able to press a button to switch between pumping and let down mode,” said one parent. “Oh, and being able to pause it, what a lifesaver!”

“After using it for a few days, I found the suction very comfortable, the buttons are straightforward with + and – as well as switching between expressing and massage/stimulation mode,” commented another.

And finally one reviewer said, “I found that after 10 minutes of pumping I was able to get output comparable to my hospital grade wall plug in pump, which is so impressive to me that I can get that output with a portable device!” This person continued to say that the pump was easy to clean with minimal parts that needed assembling, however their final comment said it all: “A great product all round that I would happily recommend to all.”

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