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Mother of 12 ‘pregnant for 17 years’: “I feel so old”

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Britni Church, from Arkansas City, Texas, is the mother of 12 children … and she is only 32 years old. And despite being pregnant for so many years, the busy mum is not even sure if baby No. 12 will be her last.

Britni took to her TikTok platform ourlargefamilylife to respond to one of her follower’s questions: “You’ve been pregnant for a whole decade?” Cuddling her latest baby, she says, ”I’ve been pregnant off and on for the last 17 years.”

However, the 32-year-old admits that she did get a break in there of about two and a half years. “That’s the longest I’ve not been pregnant since I was 15.”


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How do you have 12 babies?

Britni had five children – Crimzon, Jordan, Caleb, Jace and Cadence – with her first husband. They broke up and she later had her sixth child Jessalyn. In 2014 she met her current husband, Chris, and they had Silas and Christopher Jnr, followed by the biggest surprise of all: triplets Oliver, Asher and Abel.

In an interview with CafeMom before baby No 12 arrived, Britni revealed that she only ever meant to have three kids. “I never planned to have 11 but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she says.

Now with 12 children in total, the couple is not entirely sure that they’re calling it a day. On the TikTok video, Britni says, “This is baby No 12 and I think she’s our last one.” Clearly there’s room for negotiation.

“You are amazing”

The TikTok clip went viral with with more than 104,000 likes and over 350 comments. People express very different reactions from shock and disbelief to utter amazement and admiration. Some wonder how the couple can afford it, how they fit in the house and what car do they drive.

Many are full of admiration like one mum who wrote, “Good on you mumma. I’m about to have my second on 8 weeks and my lady bits already hate me.”

“I wish I had 12 babies,” said another. “I love seeing your beautiful family.”

Many followers also can’t believe how good Britni looks, considering her years of child bearing. The mum had added the caption to the TikTok video, “I feel so old … 17 years lol”, which is ironic as she looks much younger than she actually is, especially after giving birth to 12 kids and leading such a busy family life.

“How do you stay looking so young with all those kids?” wrote one viewer.

“Ok so I’m just curious because you don’t look more than like early-mid 20s!” wrote another. “How old are you?”

And another said, “You look better after 12 than i do after 1.” (I totally agree with this comment.)

My favourite response was from one viewer who couldn’t believe that the mother of 12 was in fact 32.

“I need a skin care routine!” they said. My thoughts exactly!

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