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NAN SUPREMEpro vs NAN OPTIPRO: baby formulas compared

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NAN SUPREMEpro vs NAN OPTIPRO: what’s the difference? It’s a question many parents ask when trying to decide on baby formula. 

Tell Me Baby parents have rated baby formulas they’ve tried and shared their opinions on what has or hasn’t worked for them. Based on their baby formula reviews, we’ve compared NAN SUPREMEpro vs NAN OPTIPRO to help you make a better buying decision for your baby. 

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This article contains information about infant formulas. Under the WHO Code, the information presented here is free from advertising and is based on unbiased opinions from parents.


Before we dive in, let’s talk about protein. There are two main types of protein found in cow’s milk-based baby formula (and breastmilk): whey and casein. Whey digests quickly while casein is digested more slowly. Whey dominant formulas are easier for younger babies to digest. Want to know more? Read everything you need to know about choosing a newborn formula.


Nan Supreme vs Nan Optipro


  • 1.3 grams protein/100ml
  • 100% whey (partially hydrolysed)

NAN SUPREME 1 is a premium partially hydrolysed starter infant formula from cow’s milk. When a formula says it is hydrolysed, it means the milk proteins have been broken down into smaller components. 


$29.99 for an 800g tin.


Many parents in the Tell Me Baby community said their baby took this formula without any problems. They also like how readily available it is.

The hygienic packaging (the scoop is stored in a separate area) is also a plus. 


NAN SUPREME 1 is on the pricey side of baby formulas. And some parents said the iron content didn’t agree with their baby. 

“It worked well but has a high iron content, which she was pooping right out so we were advised to change to the nan opti 1,” said one reviewer. 

Example review

“Does what it is meant to, have had no issues with my bub. Using it since first week. Easy to digest for babies. Would highly recommend, as a mum was worried about iron content in formulas but this product was just perfect for us. A handy spoon with the package helps too.”

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Nan Supreme vs Nan Optipro


  • whey: casein: 70:30
  • 1.3 grams protein/100ml

Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 1 is a premium whey dominant starter infant formula from cow’s milk (whey: casein: 70:30). It’s specially designed to help ensure your formula-fed infant receives balanced, high-quality nutrition. 


$25.50 for an 800g tin


Parents said this formula was reasonably priced and some added that it was “easy on the tummy.”

Similar to Nestlé Nan Supreme 1, Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO features hygienic packaging (the scoop is stored in a separate area), and there’s a semi-transparent window, so you can see how much is left.


Some reviewers said their baby didn’t like the taste. Others said they had issues with constipation. 

Example review

“Loved this formula for my little one. It’s often on special at woolies, Coles or Big W so easy to find And never run out. It’s a good sized tin, had a scoop that sits across the top of the tin so doesn’t fall into the powder and mixes well in bubs bottle. I had no trouble with belly issues or constipation so very fortunate.”

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So NAN SUPREME vs NAN OPTIPRO? When it comes to choosing a baby formula, it’s about figuring out what works best for your baby. Both of these formulas are great options that provide essential nutrients for your baby. We recommend that you talk to your doctor to help make the right decision for you.

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