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  • Curash Simply Water Baby Wipes

    based on 208 reviews

    Curash Simply Water Baby Wipes are specially made to care for the most sensitive skin, they contain 99.8% water and are soap free, fragrance free and alcohol free making it gently on baby’s sensitive skin and cleans mess easily. Its resealable lid ensures that the wipes keeps their moisture and freshness and pop-up wipes for easier grab with one hand.



    Source: Curash

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    based on 208 reviews

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    Sherridan Obst
    December 3, 2021
    Sherridan Obst
    My favourite water wipes

    These water wipes are great for your new borns nappy changes. I also kept using them for my toddler to wipe his hand and face when food gets a bit messy. They are nice and wet and… Read more

    November 30, 2021
    Great wipes, but terrible dispense

    These wipes have a great texture and are sturdier than other brands - they don’t fall apart easily. I didn’t find them too wet and bub hasn’t had any reactions from them. The most annoying is the… Read more

    Sarah Cliff
    November 23, 2021
    Sarah Cliff
    Liked but didn't LOVE.

    I liked that this was just mainly using water to clean the bum - as my baby has sensitive skin and prone to redness down there. They work well, but they are so incredibly wet! And the… Read more

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