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4 easy Easter craft ideas to make at home

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Want to get creative with your little one this Easter? We’ve found four easy craft ideas you can do with supplies most of us already have at home.

These fun activities will help you create special Easter memories, or make very cute gifts to send to family in the mail while we’re all social distancing. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends will also be sure to be impressed when they check out your family’s handiwork on a video call!

Easter bunny paper plate craft

Starting with the classic cotton wool stuck to the paper plate to make a cute bunny, this uses cardboard and a few craft supplies. Little kids will love helping with the glue!

Find the instructions here.

Bunny handprint art

This one can be done with the smallest of family members – the resulting bunny will just vary according to your child’s hand size. You just need paint, paper, a texta, and of course those cute little hands.

You could also create a little tribe of bunnies using every one in the family, too – why should kids have all the fun!

Get the instructions here.

Toilet paper roll bunny stamps

Okay, we know half of Australia is hoarding toilet paper right now, but once you use the paper you’re left with a craft supply staple: the humble toilet paper roll. And this is a pretty festive way to use it!

Many toddlers will, as always, love getting into the paint and doing some stamping. Add a little face and voila: a rabbit family!

Get the instructions here.

‘Somebunny loves you’ footprint art

This one requires a bit more crafting, but we think the end result is definitely worth it!

Some parents choose to use a paper plate as the body base, while others just cut cardboard circles for the head and body, before adding some cute ears.

Use a printed photo of your little one for the face, and then get their footprints to paste on as those little bunny feet. Tip: using an ink pad to get the footprints can be easier than paint.

You can get more inspiration for this idea here.

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