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10 family traditions you can start with your children at a young age

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10 family traditions you can start with your children at a young age by Bec Senyard at

I recently read a quote that said, “At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience.” And I have to agree, because many of my childhood memories are based on family traditions. We didn’t have heaps of family traditions, but the ones we did have, I can reflect fondly as some of the best family times together.

Family traditions make your family unique and a place to belong. It’s never too early or too late to start a family tradition – sometimes, the earlier the better, because kids love routine and it gives everyone something to look forward to.

So what are some traditions you can start with your children at a young age? Here are 10 that could work for your family. They may even give you inspiration on developing your own unique traditions.

1. Have one-on-one kid dates

Having a one-on-one date with your child can enhance the bond you have with that child. Your children usually have to share you – with another child or even another parent – and sometimes that one-on-one interaction can allow your child to share things with you they wouldn’t want to share in front of others. It also allows you to get to know your child even more because your focus is on them, and not shared with others.

2. Pancakes for breakfast on Sundays

This was a family tradition in my household when growing up. Every Sunday morning, my dad would make pancakes for breakfast. It was something to look forward to on the weekend and it was certainly a treat we enjoyed.

3. Make Friday night a movie night

I have a friend who shared this particular tradition with her family: every Friday night is family night and they watch a movie together. This friend also uses this tradition as a bargaining power to ensure good behaviour during the week.

4. One night a week for a family dinner

I try to ensure we sit together as a family every night for dinner, but I know that as my kids get older, it may not always be possible. Why not get everyone in the family to commit to having dinner together as a family at least one night a week?

5. Outdoor play on an afternoon

Kids love when their parents get involved in their activities. Having an afternoon bike ride together is something everyone gets to enjoy together.

Family traditions like going for a walk

6. Have an Easter egg hunt at Easter  

My girls LOVE having an Easter Egg hunt and we usually have ours on Good Friday afternoon, as we head to church on Sunday morning. They have their own dedicated basket that they use every year to collect eggs. I hope that when my girls are older, they will look back on their baskets with good memories of the egg hunts their mum and dad would organise for them.

7. Develop your own Christmas traditions

We have a Christmas tradition where we take the girls out into the city to watch the Christmas Parade, check out the Myer windows and have a ride on the Santa Express train. You can make your own Christmas traditions by taking part in whatever festivities happen in your local city. It could be attending the carols by candle light, or a church service on Christmas Eve.

Family Christmas

8. Play a family guessing game

Guessing games are always fun and we have our own little game we play on weeknights, which has now become a family tradition. Our family guessing game involves watching ABC4Kids and guessing which ad sequence will be featured after the children’s shows have finished and Spicks and Specks comes on. There is the flying pig, knitting, paper planes, a dog show and ???

9. Watch a favourite TV show together as a family

When I was a teen, each Saturday night we would watch Gladiators on TV. Watching a family show together can be a lot of fun and while it’s screen time, the show itself can be a memory marker.

10. Nightly questions

Have a discussion each night with your kids, where they can share the best part of the day and their least favourite part. This ensures everyone has a say about their day and ensures open communication between members.

Family traditions are certainly a way to build memories. They don’t have to be stringent, but if they are done consistently, they can certainly be valuable recollections for everyone in the family.

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