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5 ways to prove the Easter Bunny has visited

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Want to make Easter that extra bit special for your little ones this year? Leaving the house may be off the cards, but on the upside, that just makes it even easier for the Easter Bunny to find you.  

To make sure your kids know who’s responsible for the chocolatey goodness, here are a few things parents can do to bring that floppy-eared bunny to life – proving to any doubters that he or she has definitely been.

1. Jelly bean poop

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. One sign that the Easter Bunny has been is the trail of poop he or she has no doubt left behind. Leave a trail of jelly beans, or maybe a pile for your kids to see – just make sure they don’t eat the brown or black ones.

2. Fluffin’ around

Anyone who has a pet will understand this one. Animals malt, and as a result, their hair is everywhere – and the Easter Bunny is no exception. Grab some cotton balls and place them around the house for further evidence the Easter Bunny has been.

3. Footprints

After seeing Easter Bunny footprints, no one will be able to deny the facts. The Easter Bunny is real and has delivered some delicious chocolate treats overnight. Yum! Footprint templates can be found online and what you use depends on what you’ve got left in your cupboard. Flour, bicarb-soda or glitter will all do the trick. Paper or cardboard would also work.

4. Snacks, snacks, snacks

Before going to bed, ask your children to prepare the Easter Bunny a snack (carrot). After all, handing out eggs all night is hard work, and that bunny will be hungry! Just make sure you put the carrot back in the fridge or take a bite and leave for the kids to find in the morning … forgetting could have difficult consequences. 

5. Whiskers 

Not for everyone, but if your children are deep sleepers, you could draw bunny whiskers on their cheeks with a washable marker while they sleep. When they wake up and see their face, hopefully, they will be delighted (and not terrified). Maybe pop some whiskers on your own face while you are at it. The Easter Bunny thought they needed some bunny marks of their own!

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