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5 best maternity brands that you can trust

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Best maternity brands

A lot is going on inside that body of yours while growing a baby, so knowing the best maternity brands is a must to make sure you’re nice and comfortable during this time.

The Tell Me Baby community has rated the top maternity brands they’ve tried and shared their opinions on what has, or hasn’t, worked for them. (See all of our maternity wear reviews.)

You can also take a look at our maternity wear comparisons to find out the most rated products.

Here are five top maternity brands our community loves

1. Bonds

Pregnant woman wearing black Bonds Maternity Hidden Support Singlet

A popular brand for Tell Me Baby mums is Bonds, which has a wide range of maternity wear from tops, to bras and briefs. Our community of parents highly rate all Bonds products, especially the Bonds Maternity Hidden Support Singlet, Maternity Wirefree Crop and Maternity Contour Bra, with many saying they lived in the singlet top for the first few weeks.

Read Bonds product reviews.

2. QueenBee

Another great maternity brand is QueenBee, which has a wide range of nursing bras to support breastfeeding mums. The best part is they come with a discreet inseam pocket on the inside to put breast pads. The QueenBee® – Nadia Nursing Camisole comes highly recommended in our community of mums, so does the QueenBee® – Organic Support Belly Band, which reviewers said was “a lifesaver!”

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3. Medela

A mom wearing black Medela Maternity & Nursing Bra with one-hand nursing clip release

Designed for maximum comfort, Medela’s is another great brand that Tell Me Baby mums love. And the Medela Maternity and Nursing Bra won Highest Rated Maternity Wear in 2020 Tell Me Baby Awards. As one mum wrote in her review, “This bra is amazing! Very comfortable with an easy snap opening for feeding.”

Shop Medela maternity clothes. Read Medela product reviews.

4. SRC

Woman wearing a black SRC Recovery Shorts and black bra

SRC has a range of maternity clothes, but it’s the SRC Recovery Shorts that Tell Me Baby reviewers can’t get enough of. With a five star rating, mums said these are a must-have item. “This is the best purchase I made for my entire pregnancy journey. I wore these from two days post-cesarean, and they did wonders for my recovery,” one mum wrote.

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5. Modibodi

A Pregnant Woman Wearing A Black Modibodi Breastfeeding Singlet

Although a completely natural part of pregnancy and breastfeeding, no one wants to have to worry about leaks. ModiBodi provides a perfectly comfortable solution to this, so you can say goodbye to pads of all kinds. Both the Modibodi Breastfeeding Singlet and the Modibodi Maternity Brief come highly rated among our community of mums. Many said they were sceptical but pleasantly surprised about how well both of these products worked. 

Read Modibodi reviews.

Don’t forget to check our collection of maternity clothes in the Tell Me Baby shop.

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