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5 last-minute (non-chocolate) Easter gifts for your baby or toddler

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There’s a good reason why kids (well, and adults) love celebrating Easter: chocolate!

But for many parents whose babies are too young for chocolate, or those who want to give something other than just a sweet treat, it can be hard to think of a substitute. 

If you’ve left buying an Easter gift to the last minute, here are a few ideas that your child will love.

1. Jellycat bunny

When parents in Tell Me Baby’s Facebook group “Aussie mums due 2022/21/22” were chatting about non-chocolate Easter presents, lots said they were getting their little ones a Jellycat bunny.

Thankfully, these can be snapped up through The Iconic and shipped super fast. At the time of writing this article, David Jones also has 20% off the Jellycat range.


As well as chocolate, Easter usually brings some cooler weather, so why not find some very cute bunny-themed pyjamas to gift your little one.

Most of the major stores have lots of Easter-themed PJs, including Target, Best & Less, Big W and Cotton On.

3. Easter-themed books

You can never have too many books, and Target and Big W have lots to choose from. 

4. Chocolate custard

Rafferty's Garden Chocolate Custard 6m+ 120g pouch

If you really hate the idea of your little one missing out on the chocolate fun, you could give them a little chocolate custard treat like this one from Rafferty’s Garden for babies over 6 months. It currently has a 4.5-star rating on Tell Me Baby. 

Read Rafferty’s Garden Chocolate Custard 6m+ reviews

5. An Easter card

Image: YOUandISLA/Etsy

Some mums in our Facebook group said they are getting their baby a card to keep and remember their first Easter. Etsy has some very cute personalised first Easter cards – look for a printable version, as it’s probably too late to order. Otherwise, your local newsagent will have lots to choose from. 

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