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Video of toddler seeing mum for first time goes viral: “Best moment ever!”

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Every now and again, a video pops up that brings a happy tear to your eye – and this one, recently uploaded on TikTok, is definitely one of those.

A mum shares the precious moment when her legally blind toddler is finally able to see for the very first time and the little girl’s reaction is priceless.

The mum explains in the video that her little girl Riley was legally blind. “We noticed around 2 years old that she called everyone ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ because she couldn’t recognize faces,” said the caption. “So we were able to get her glasses around Christmas time.”

The following moment is absolutely magical as Riley gets to see clearly for the very first time.

“Best moment ever”

When her mum puts the glasses on her, Riley’s reaction is instantaneous. She starts twirling around the space with absolute delight and amazement, as she takes in the world around her. “Her reaction was amazing,” said the post. And it really was. The mother says, “I’m gonna to cry” and we hear the parent’s emotional reaction with both tears and laughter. The final image is divine with Riley giggling joyfully and flinging herself at her mum, giving her a kiss. And the caption says it all: “She finally saw mum’s face for the first time.”

@elderberrysultan 2 years ago today! #fyp #family #toddlersoftiktok #love ♬ a thousand years (lullaby) – christina perri

“This is so adorable”

After recent times, online audiences can’t get enough heartwarming baby scenes and not surprisingly, the post attracted a huge response. It has been viewed over 11 million times and has received 2.2 million likes, as well as thousands of positive comments.

“She’s spinning around taking in every single new detail,” said one viewer, while another said, “The way she keeps spinning and looking at everything, we really do take things for granted sometimes.”

Other viewers, despite all efforts, found it hard to hide their emotions, leaving comments such as, “I’m not crying. I’m not crying. I’m not crying.”

Another said, “I’m definitely NOT crying like a baby in my car in the parking lot at Target. I’m not.” While others could not deny their tears, such as one viewer who said, “I’m crying. Such a beautiful moment.”

Interestingly, one person could completely relate to the situation. “I have really bad eyesight and got gasses at 3,” explains one viewer. “Apparently my first words while wearing them were ‘mommy I can see you.’”

While we can’t wait to clap eyes on our little ones when they finally arrive, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like if they couldn’t see us. Especially when a child instinctively seeks out their mother’s face. This video is a reminder of the challenges faced by many, while also offering a beautiful scene of true love and happiness.

Now where has that box of tissues gone…

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